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How to Calibrate your Monitor to best match your Prints

How to Calibrate your Monitor

How to Calibrate your Monitor is the most important part of setting up a Color Managed Workflow for Photographic Image Editing and Printing. Calibration ensures Accurate Screen to Print Matching.

You should Calibrate your Monitor on a regular basis, typically every 3 to 4 weeks, as all Monitors will “Drift” or shift out of their calibrated state, and need to be “Characterized” or measured, and Recalibrated to Industry standard specifications.

Watch this X-Rite Video Tutorial on Calibrating your Monitor using the X-Rite i1 Display Pro

Watch this X-Rite Video Tutorial with Mark Platt, showing you how to Calibrate your Monitor properly with step-by-step instructions for what settings you should use for the X-Rite i1Display Pro Colorimeter, using the X-Rite i1Profiler Software.

Why you should know how to Calibrate your Monitor using an X-Rite i1 Display Pro.

Not using monitor calibration to me is like burning money, well, burning paper and ink. You have to have a correct starting point and that’s a calibrated monitor. This is the beginning of a flawless workflow.

How to Calibrate your Monitor

Calibrating your Monitor properly sets the White Point or Color Temperature of your Monitor, its Brightness Level, and Contrast and compares your monitor’s color accuracy to standard colors, and performs a Quality Assurance check over time.

An uncalibrated monitor is typically too bright for editing and viewing of Photographic Images and will make your prints come out too dark.

  • A Calibrated Monitor Increases your productivity
  • Monitor Calibration ensures your screen matches your prints
  • Accurate prints Increase customer satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction Increases your bottom line!

Get an X-Rite i1Display Pro to Calibrate your Monitor.

A Colorimeter is essential for accurate printing of your images and should be in your toolkit.
Freestyle Photographic Supplies includes a Free 25-page Instruction Guide for Setup, Usage, and Troubleshooting.

Let us Calibrate your Laptop Monitor

Bring your Laptop to us!
We will Calibrate your Laptop Monitor for $25 to make sure your screen matches your prints.
This is a stop-gap one-time service until you get a Colorimeter and Calibrate your Monitor regularly.

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John Sewell-Thurston

John Sewell-Thurston

Photographer, Color Management Consultant, Canson Certified Print Lab Operator, Fine Art Inkjet Printer for Thurston Print Lab in San Diego, CA.

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